May Day Maths – Feedback

Thank you so much to the parents and carers that gave feedback following the May Day Maths sessions last week.  We highly value all feedback – both positive and constructive.  Some highlights from the feedback are shown below.  We are really pleased that so many of those that attended were keen to attend similar events in the future.  We will shortly be arranging more workshops and will announce these on the newsletter.


“Thank you for putting on the Maths day.  It was very interesting to hear your thoughts on how the progression of maths throughout the school (especially at the top end) could be improved.  I like the idea that children can be challenged and allowed to work at a higher level if able.”

“It was lovely to see such happy and engaged children!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed going into the classroom to see and experience the practical teaching methods that are applied to mathematics for both of my sons.”

“I look forward to any more opportunities to be able to come in and see how the classroom is working and also to be able to understand the school’s approach to our children’s education.”

“I think it’s great to be able to come into school for things like this and welcome every opportunity of being able to do so.”

“Excellent presentation – found very helpful, thank you.”

“Interesting presentation and very useful to be able to see what happens in the classroom.”

“Overall, this was a positive experience for me and one which I believe parents can benefit from.”