What have we been learning? Lee and Rosie’s Blog

Lee and Rosie have again been finding out about what the classes have been learning this week.
In Cherry class they have been writing stories
and having a party and doing lots of colouring.
In Oak thay have been learning how to write
and to learn how to respect others and to take care of their ducks  In Willow class they have been learning about money in maths and have been writing  letters to thank people for coming on the school trip.
In Maple class they have been making cakes and four people had a trip to Morrisons.
In Beech class in maths they have been doing word problems, in literacy they have been writing letters.
In Ash class they have been learning about rivers in geography and habitats in science, charts in maths and in literacy they have been learning about George’s marvellous medicine.
In Birch class in Literacy they have been learning about Greek myths and in maths they have been learning about percentages and fractions and decimals.
In Sycamore class in maths they have been carrying out investigations and in Literacy they have been making crafts and practising their play.

By Lee and Rosie