A little bit about Richard…

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

I think that was where it all began, at the cinema as a six year old watching the opening scenes of Star Wards.  From that day on my imagination exploded.

I began drawing at that age: robots, spaceships, futuristic cities and the like.  I have never really grown up in that respect as I still enjoy doodling the odd robot.  I love illustrating for children, they know what they like.  Normal convention goes out of the window; why not have a caterpillar that can skateboard?  Isn’t that normal?

A few years ago I wrote a story for my two children which I then illustrated and before I knew it there was a second book so decided to try and get them published.  I have not been successful as yet but I am happy in the knowledge that every child that has read them has love the stories and pictures and this includes the children of Kemsley Primary Academy who have a couple of copies.

I was absolutely thrilled when the school contacted me with this fantastic idea and very much look forward to producing the pictures for the school.

There will be robots…!


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