All the fun of the Enterprise Fair!




Mrs George was feeling ever confident this year as she watched the children start coming into school with a pattern mixture of elastic bands on their wrists! Loom bands! That’s what the children called them, in that instant she knew how Year 6 were going to make their ‘millions’ at this years Enterprise Fair!

Unfortunately, an Amazon dispute later no loom bands insight just looms and ‘S’ Clips, Year 6 had to change their minds and quick…. think of something big and that everyone is into …. they had it…. The World Cup!


DSCF5494 DSCF5495

Here are some photos from our stall selling; flags, bookmarks, bracelets (woolen not elastic :(), milkshake and biscuits).

DSCF5490DSCF5491 DSCF5492 With final totals being released soon, Year 6 can be confident that they tried their best as ever! Well done!