World Cup Draw 2014

On Friday 6th June, during Celebration Assembly all classes were asked to pick at random a Group to support in this years World Cup, being held in Brazil.  The results are as follows…..

DSCF5468 DSCF5470

Jack selecting Group E (Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras) for Year 6.

Emily selecting Group C (Colombia, Greece, Côte D’Ivoire and Japan) for Year 5.


Sonny selecting Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Austrailia) for Year 4.

Baillie selecting Group H ( Spain, Netherlands, Chilre and Korea Republic) for Year 3.

DSCF5479  DSCF5476


Christopher selecting Group G ( Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA) for Year 2.


James selecting Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, Italy and England) for Year 1.


With Reception selecting Group F (Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria) and Nursery are cheering for Group A (Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon).

Good luck to you all!