Values Champions

Our Sports Council decided that they wanted to start awarding ‘Values Champion’ trophies and certificates to those children who display the  values of the Olympics and Paralympics in every day school life (both in and out of PE).  Our first champions were nominated at the end of the summer term.  The names of those that were awarded with the title, and the reasons for their nominations are shown below.  Well done to all of you, we are very proud of you.


Storm – ‘She shows determination and courage in everythign she does.  She is positive and respectful to others and tries to understand others even if they are different to her.  She is a great friend to have.’

Nyle – ‘Even though he can be cheeky, he is still a great inspiration to others!  He is determined and respects everyone’s right to learn.  He will do his best in friendship and is an encouraging and fair sportsman.’


Elliot – ‘He is always well behaved, always shows people respect and friendship, is courageous and an inspiration to others.’

Shannon – ‘When everybody else gives up, she never does.  She shows all of the values, especially friendship as she is a very good friend.  She is respectful to others and the environment.’


Olivia – ‘She puts 100% effort into everything she does.  She constantly re-checks her work to see how she can improve – always striving for excellence which is an inspiration to everyone in the class.  She is also a great friend, always willing to comfort those who are sad and make them smile.’

Sonny – ‘He perseveres with every piece of work he is given showing great determination.  He is always respectful of others and is an excellent friend supporting everyone around him.’


Poppie – ‘We chose Poppie because she keeps going, even if she is stuck, showing determination.  She always challenges herself, showing courage in her abilities and she is trustworthy respecting other people.  She shares her own time with others, showing friendship and always greeting her classmates with a smile, immediately cheering them up.

Max – ‘We chose Max because he is a good friend to everyone in the class, giving his time when others are down in the dumps or injured.  He is extremely determined with his learning, always trying to reach his goals.  Should he encounter difficulties, he will go back and try again.  max will check back and re-read to make sure he fully understands what is expected of him.  Finally, Max is an inspiration to all of us through his behaviour and his attitude towards his learning.


Madison S and Callum – ‘We chose Madison and Callum as they have both demonstrated all the values this year and are an excellent example for others to aspire to.


Aston and Emily – ‘We chose Aston and Emily because they show respect.  They are good friends and they people at playtime and in the classroom.’


Mason and Sydney – ‘Oak class’ reasons for nominating Mason and Sydney were that they are always nice, kind and friendly, they work hard, help others and always share.’