Mexican Hat dancing and Mayan Music!

As the excitement rises towards next Friday’s Hola Mexico Express event, Year 5 have been energetically practising their unique Mexican Hat dance ready to perform for all our visitors (joining in is mandatory). Learning the dance over the past few weeks has been a lot of fun and a superb way of getting the heart rate up for some weekly exercise! You can find a link to the video we have used to guide us here.

Alongside this Mexican hat madness we are in the process of researching and making a series of Ancient Mayan instruments, using recycled materials, to perform a special Ancient Mayan festival procession. We have already discovered that most Ancient Mayan instruments and music was inspired by the wildlife that surrounded them all those hundreds of years ago. We matched the sounds we were hearing in the music to existing instruments so that we could better understand what our new instruments would need to do. The resulting instruments are sure to be spectacular!