Halloween horror


Maple class had a spooky fun Halloween day filled with lost of different activities.

After greeting the spooky and scary children of Maple class into school, it was time to look at each individual child and see the amount of effort they had put into their costume and let them explain why they had chosen it.

First, we had to complete some practical maths work based on sorting data. Next, we played a game of ‘guess my Halloween picture’, the children were able to draw a picture based on Halloween and the first of the class had to try and guess what it was. We then had our celebration assembly, where the hall looked very different and so did the rest of the school! A huge well done to Joshua for best Halloween costume!!

In the afternoon, we coloured in some Halloween pictures and tried to follow instructions to get out of a haunted house. We then watched a little bit of Shrek and had a cupcake.

Finally, it was time for the Halloween disco! Maple class were very excited and could not wait to show Miss Searle their dance moves on the spooky dance floor.