The John Day knockout cup


Queenborough V Kemsley (28/11/14)

By Ben Dutnall


Queenborough started and passed the ball back to their centre mid. Kemsley pushed hard against the other side but they held Kemsley off like a pack of lions.

“Goal!” Kemsley scored the opener through Sonny and made it 1-0 to the away team. As Kemsley were getting carried away cheering, Queenborough took Kemsley’s goal lead back and made it 1-1.

Soon after Kemsley scored again with a brilliant shot to the bottom corner by Sonny that sent Kemsley back in the driving seat of the game.

After half time Kemsley did all they could but quickly conceded a goal to their left striker who shot a ball past Kian’s gloves and into the net to make it 2-2.

Time went on with Kian making some superb saves to allow Kemsley to hold on until the whistle blew for full time.

Extra time came and all the subs came on and off but soon after Queenborough scored again and that was that…..3-2 to Queenborough.

A great game with the whole team playing really well. Well done Kemsley!