We are very good listeners!

On Friday it was a very exciting day, not only was it the Solar eclipse but it was also no pens day as well!

We spent the morning learning about the solar eclipse and watching it via webcam because sadly there were too many clouds in the sky to see it in Kemsley. We did however brave the outdoors and all noticed how cold it had become since we had arrived at school.

We were unable to find any pens or pencils in the classroom so we thought it would be a good idea to spend the day fine tuning our listening skills.

We learnt how to play Chinese whispers and we all thoroughly enjoyed passing new words we had just learnt around the circle. We had to be really quiet to make sure we could hear.

We spent the afternoon listening to each other and discussing why we all love Oak Class and what our favourite thing to learn has been this year…There were so many answers!