Pirate stories!

Our learning in Cherry class over the last couple of weeks has been focused on the theme of “Pirates”

Here are some of the pirate stories the children have told this week.


The little pirate was on the boat. The three little bears comed along and Goldilocks and then the other little bear comed on the boat. Then the animals flied onto the pirate ship and then they stopped. The three little goslings came and then the crocodile came. There was lots of water and they went forwards and backwards. Then the pirates said “Ahoy!”  

   by Jasmine


The pirate was chilling on her ship, and she was eating some sweets. She had a drink too and it was water. She is going to go to the island where no one is going to see her. She’s going to cry because she has no one.  

  By Cassielle


A pirate is going to find some treasure. Then there was a big dinosaur coming after him to guard his treasure, and then the dinosaur wanted to say

“you can be my friend”

And the pirate said

“that’s very kind of you”

And then he loved to play football. Then they played with the drums and then they read a pirate book.   

  By Mechola