Election Fever Hits Year 6!

The Year 6 election campaign is now well under way! So far, the children have formed 4 political parties:

– The BABE party (Building a Better Education)

– The BANTA party (Build a New Talented Academy)

– The 2cool4school party

– The CLA party (Completed Learning Achievements)

Each party has designed a logo and these are displayed on advertising posters around the school. On Tuesday each party spent the morning surveying the school to decide where they felt the £1000 of improvement money would best be spent. They also went onto the field at break time to carry out market research by questioning children on their thoughts. From this each party then decided on 5 main ideas and used the internet to research costings before deciding for definite what their party propose to do to improve the school. Today the children are working on their manifestos and tomorrow they hope to create memorable party slogans.