Year 6 Express Event: Memory Lane

It was lovely to see parents come in and join their children in celebrating our Tomorrow’s World topic at the same time as taking a trip down memory lane.  Children and parents worked together to recall their time at Kemsley Academy.  Below is a selection of the writing produced.


My past memories and feelings in previous years at Kemsley were that I was a shy boy and not very confident, especially when there was a big audience.  I used to enjoy going on school trips.  I never used to like science because I used to think it was too confusing! I have learnt a lot of things during my time at Kemsley.

My current thoughts and feelings at Kemsley are that I’m doing well at school, like passing my 11+, getting good feedback from teachers and doing well on my parents evening.  I’m feeling more confident about my work than I did at the start of my school life.  I’ve learnt to be more independent especially when I went to PGL and France.

My hopes and dreams for the future are doing well at Borden and also to learn a musical instrument.  I also hope to be a prefect at Borden and I hope to go on their trips to different countries.  I am also hoping to finish secondary school and go to university and beat my Mum by having four degrees.

By Jeff Katena, Mum & Dad


During my time at Kemsley Primary Academy I can briefly remember little things from Nursery like when I used to keep asking Shannon what her name was as I kept forgetting it.  I have spent most of my primary school years with quite a few friends from Nursery all the way through to Year 6.  They are Shannon, Kian, Lilly, Lucie, Nathan, Grace, Jason, Jeff, Sonya and Annie and we are all still very good friends.

I am quite sad and upset at the thought of leaving Kemsley Primary Academy but I am very excited at the same time.  I am really nervous about starting secondary school but I am really looking forward to making lots of  friends.

I hope to be really successful at secondary school and get really good grades and hopefully get a good job and I really want to keep in contact with all of my current friends and I don’t want to never see them again.  I really want to be an actress so I am going to work hard in Drama.

By Ellie Busbridge & Mum


My earliest memory at Kemsley was when I started my first day at Kemsley when I had to come in and find my peg which had a dog on it.  Also when we had Mrs Franks and she took us out onto the playground and we played on the train.  In Year R, I remember helping out on a school trip to farming world and remember Jason feeding the chickens.  Jason was always really happy in nearly everything he did at school and still enjoys school.  I have enjoyed all the tournaments I have taken part in.  I’m still with my friends from Nursery and still have a good time.  I have made some really good friends.

I am looking forward to going to secondary school and I’m really happy because most of my friends are going so I’m enjoying my last few days at Kemsley and I’m going to miss all of Kemsley and the teachers and T.A’s.

In the future I would like Jason to have a good job which he enjoys, be financially secure and always be happy.  In years to come I would like Jason to be settled with his own family.  I would like to be a policeman or a pilot on an aeroplane that takes people on holiday and to drive a nice car (sports car) and to have a house and also to complete 6th form at SCC.

By Jason & Mum


Memories and feelings in the past

Back in Nursery I used to come in the afternoon instead of the morning.  My first friend I made was Ethan in Year R.  Also in Year R I used to love playing dressing up and playing Jelly Blobs on the computer.  One of my funny moments I remember was when Mr Harwood took Lucie’s chair and Lucie fell on the floor.  My two best favourite memories was going to Thorpe Park in November 2014 and going to France in February 2015.  In France me, Kian, Levi and Matthew wrestled each other and threw each other off the bed to eliminate each other.  During the past I made so many friends along the way.

Memories and feelings in the present

Right now in the present at Kemsley I have made loads of friends and happy memories with the teachers and I will be sad when I leave to say goodbye to all my friends and teachers, also the spectacular caloo equipment.

Hopes and dreams in the future

One of my hopes is to make new friends at Westlands and to gain more experience and to try and get good grades.  In addition to this to get into the routine at Westlands

By Karim & Mum


Past: One of my best memories from my whole 9 years at Kemsley is of Thorpe Park.  In Year 6 we took a trip to the thrilling theme park, Thorpe Park.  Luckily I was just tall enough to go on all the big rides.  My favourite ride was Swarm!  Another brilliant memory was PGL!  I pushed myself a lot the whole weekend and did every activity and went to the top on all that I could.

Present: Right now we are all getting ready for our production of Grease.  I’m playing one of the main characters, Rizzo.  I love performing on stage and dancing.  We finish school in 2 weeks and we’re moving up to secondary school.  On Thursday we are going go-karting to the Sittingbourne race track.

Future: In my future I would like to go to university.  I would like to either be a footballer or I would like to do performing arts.  I wouldn’t mind being a chef.  I hope I fit in well at Highsted and make lots more friends.

By Lucie & Nan


Past: I remember starting in Nursery, my teachers were Miss Barker, Mrs George and Mrs Tickle.

Present: I am happy and excited about starting SCC but sad about leaving Kemsley.  Me and Matthew have kept our friendship since Year R.

Future: I want to become a mechanic, live in my own house and get good grades in SCC.  For Christmas I would like an Xbox one and a quad bike.

By Kian, Mum & Dad