Year 6 Diary Writing

Sycamore class have been working hard to improve their writing skills. Last week we worked on diary entries from the point of view of Robert Falcon Scott, a famous Polar explorer. Here are a few pieces of work form year 6:


November 19th1911

The cold, Antarctic snow covers the landscape. Snow blizzards and icy mountains surround me. I sit here, exhausted and frustrated, only 11 miles away from safety. My considerate friend Evans is suffering from the desolate, bleak environment and said earlier: ‘I know I’m not going to survive, so tell my family love them deeply’. Sadly, I don’t think that any of us will survive.

For days on end we have struggled and unsuccessfully tried to reach our destination. My stomach is growling loudly; starvation is killing me. I constantly think about my wife and child, wishing I could feel their presence one last time.


Written by Anne Owolabi



Sunday 18th November 1911

Dear Diary,

Today wasn’t the best of days. The harsh wind has swiftly drifted non-stop through the thick air, making a ridiculously high pitched screech as it hit our closed in tent. Unfortunately, we all have realised that this ‘closed in tent’ is no longer a tent, it‘s a catastrophic home. Our frozen stiff bodies have become too weak and I don’t know about the others, but I am in a lot of pain. Family is the only thought on our numb minds. Tears have been my biggest and hardest challenge and I have more to come. Look after my adored family.

Every one of our souls have realised, after our dear friend Evans’ death, that we are next. We have become victims of the pearly white snow – there will be no more adventuring. The cold weather has beaten us. Our perishing bodies have just given in. Poor Wilson didn’t seem himself today. There is no hope of survival for any of us; food is 11 miles away. For days on end, I have had constant thoughts of ‘will anyone save us?’ If not, make sure my son, who has hair like a model, aims high , learns lots and doesn’t make the same mistakes as his unfortunate father.


Written by Olivia Limby