Helicopter Stories at Kemsley!

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The children in Oak class and Cherry class have continued to enjoy their story telling sessions at school.

Here are some of the stories that some of our youngest pupils have told recently.

“The king and the queen and the dogs and cats and the frogs walked to the jungle. Then they got lost at the jungle and then a hippo come in and find them and then some crocodiles came.”

by Lottie


“A princess in a castle and a dragon coming and the prince is coming to save the princess and the dragon was frightened. Then an ogre come and then the ogre went to save the dragon and then the dragon was going into his cave. Then the princess was saved already”

by Baylee


As one of Make Believe Arts certified training centres we will be running a training course for Early Years and KS1 practitioners to come and learn how they can develop this approach in their classroom.

It will be held at Kemsley Primary on Thursday 23rd February from 10am-3pm

For more details contact us on [email protected] or via the school office.

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