Little Red Riding Hood came to say hello!

Oak class had a very special visitor today!
Last term we read about Little Red Riding Hood, we discussed what items of food were in her basket for grandma.
We learnt about writing lists and how to do our own food list.
The children were very focused and all tried their best, they all joined in writing lists of their own.
So today after recapping on the story, by using a storyline, we were surprised when Little Red Riding Hood knocked on our classroom door !
She showed us all the items of food in her basket and even brought us all a cake in !
We had a message for her from her mummy; she said she was not allowed in the woods by herself because of the big bad wolf !! So Miss English kindly said she would take the basket to grandma.
What a lovely surprise for Oak class !
We ended our literacy lesson by writing a letter to grandma, apologising for Little Red Riding Hood not being able to deliver the food .