18th October 2017

We love stories!

Oak class have enjoyed sharing stories with their families at school this term. Every Monday afternoon we have been joined by parents, grandparents, aunties and both younger and older siblings, spending time sharing books together. We have really enjoyed it, thank you for joining us!

Dinosaur Planet

Maple Class had lots of fun this afternoon getting messy!  We dipped our fingertips in paint then used our paint covered fingertips to fill a dinosaur template.  These creations will be used to decorate our Term 2 curriculum books for our new topic ‘Dinosaur Planet’.

Year 3 express event

It was wonderful to be able to celebrate year 3’s success from term 1 with all of the parents/carers who were able to make our express event. A massive thank you for all of your support and help throughout this term, we are very thankful.

Greek olympics in year 3

Year 3 had a wonderful PE lesson on Monday, creating their very own Greek Olympic Games. The children participated in many different activities based on the current day, the children had lots of fun and enjoyed the different activities.

Land Ahoy Express Event!

Maple Class, along with their parents and carers, had great fun this afternoon charging around the school grounds in search of hidden letters.  The hidden letters revealed the name of a famous pirate and once the children had solved the puzzle they were allowed a prize from the pirate treasure chest.  Thank you to those Continue reading