Snowman Stories!

This week we have been watching the film “The Snowman” We talked about the story and created a story map to help us to retell the events. We then created our own snowman stories. We thought about where we would go, how we would get there and what we would do there.

After illustrating our story we acted them out around the stage. Here are some of our stories:-


There was a snowman and a princess. They go to the beach and have a burger, and the reindeer said

“Where is Santa gone?”

Then the snowman got upstairs and she opened the fridge. Then somebody was knocking on the door. It was Santa. The snowman got a banana, then a monkey camed. Then a little boy came. There was a hungry little bunny what took the carrot nose…nibble, nibble, crunch!




There was one snowman and the teacher saw the snowman at school and he got in there. He played with the kitchen toys and then there was a monster that came in. Outside there was a whole monster outside and they begin to be friendly and they played with each other all the classes in the world.



I woke up when it was ten o clock. The snowman came in my house and then we had a dance party. At midnight something happened really cool! There was fireworks, then there was a big bonfire. The snowman had to go home to his family, there was eight snowmen in his family.