26th January 2018

Keep on running…

This morning, the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6, took part in a tribal challenge.  Each tribe had fifteen minutes to complete as many laps of the daily mile course as they could.  Laps have been totalled & the winning tribe will be announced on Friday in Celebration Assembly.  Who will be the winning Continue reading


We have been working really hard this week in Maths, learning all things shape! We have rotated, reflected, translated and much more! Here are some photos of the children hard at work.  

Maple Class find fractions of an amount.

Year 2 worked really hard at finding fractions of an amount this morning.  All the children were able to use the correct mathematical vocabulary when discussing how to find the fraction of a given number.  We used & understand the vocabulary, numerator, denominator, equal, equivalent, share & fraction line.

Creative, cursive handwriting.

A proud Ronnie displays his beautifully presented handwriting.  What an amazing achievement this is!   Ronnie has worked extremely hard this year at improving his handwriting, it hasn’t been an easy task but the results speak for themselves; what a difference resilience & positivity can make!  Mrs Andrews, Mrs Woolley and I could not be Continue reading