12th February 2019

KS1 Topic Day

Year 1 & 2 had great fun taking part in a carousel of activities this morning.  All the children had the opportunity of making a musical shaker, a headdress, a Brazilian flag & a collage of an animal from the Amazon Rainforest.

Express event

Year 3 had a wonderful morning creating their very own stories through cave paintings. The children worked in groups to tell a story of their choice, although our theme was based on the Stone Age, Year 3 put a modern twist on the traditional paints by using colourful chalk and pastels.

Year 5 Express Event

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Express Event this term. We had lots of fun investigating which tools would be the best substructure for a bird’s beak. We used tweezers, a big peg, a little peg, scissors and thumb and finger to pick up grains of rice.