17th May 2019

Where do snails like to live?

In science this morning we investigated where snails like to live.  We collected snails, placed them in the school grounds then observed where they travelled to.  We found that the majority of the snails preferred to live in the shaded long grass.

Year 5 Science

Throughout this week,Year 5 have been investigating which milk will stay the freshest for longest; cow’s milk, soya milk or evaporated milk. Using a fair test experiment, the children have recorded their observations daily and used litmus paper to test for any changes in the pH scale. The evaporated milk remained the closest to its Continue reading

Tag Rugby

On Thursday, we took 3 teams down to Gore Court for a Tag Rugby festival. All three teams performed superbly and it was an amazingly afternoon; especially after how hard they all had worked in their SATS.