4th March 2020

Literacy in Year 3

This week we have been looking at creating powerful vocabulary for our diary entries. We have been amazed at the excellent vocabulary produced and how the children are using it in their writing. Keep up the great work Year 3 😃

Character Descriptions in Maple Class.

Year 2 have been working really hard in literacy this week. We used all our prior learning, from last week, to generate a class character description on the dinoasaur from ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’. Today, we watched a short video clip of Littlefoot from ‘The Land Before Time’. In partners we wrote an Continue reading

Year 3 Food Tasting

This week in year 3, we tasted a different variety of foods. We looked at the texture, taste and smell of each food. Overall, the most liked food was the biscuits and the least liked was the tomatoes.