Friends of Kemsley

Friends of Kemsley PTA

What is it for? You say, backing away,

The short answer is fundraising, pennies and pounds,

The school’s tight stretched budget can’t always go round.

We buy extra resources, for learning and play,

To enrich and enhance our children’s school day.

Who wants to join our school PTA?


This is partly what the PTA do, as we do raise money to buy the nice to have things the school cannot fund themselves, such as the giving every child a book on their birthday and subsidising class outings.  But, we also want a social side to the PTA so run social nights such as Bingo and Quiz nights.

Being a member of the PTA is not about attending every meeting but supporting the events we do organise. The Christmas and Summer Fairs are our 2 biggest fundraisers of the year and need the most help, especially on manning the stalls. Just ½ hour running a stall can make a big difference.

If you do want to be more involved with the organising side please come along to one of our meetings, which are normally during an evening once a month and are advertised on the school weekly newsletter and via the school text service.


Kindest regards

Jo Budgen


PTA parent leaflet

Events are always well advertised on the front of the website through various banners and through the school’s newsletters.