REAch2 Academy Trust
REAch2 Academy Trust is the largest primary academy trust in England. The trust is divided into clusters. There are ten clusters.
Kemsley Primary Academy belongs to Cluster 8. Each cluster is challenged, supported and led by a Deputy Director of Education (DDoE).
Our Deputy Director of Education is Miss Gemma Clark.


Cluster 8 Academies:

Brampton Primary Academy

Copperfield Primary Academy

Kemsley Primary Academy

Milton Court Primary Academy

Tymberwood Primary Academy


Governance at REAch2

All of our schools share the same governance structure and you find information about the Trust on the REAch2 website at:

As part of the REAch2 Trust, detailed information regarding governance can be found on the REAch2 website:

This page gives details of how the Trust is organised including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today.  You can also find details of who our Trustees are.


Local Governing Body (LGB) at Kemsley Primary Academy
Our school, like all the schools in the Trust, has a local governing body (LGB). Our LGB consists of the following:

Clerk: Mrs Tracey Rose
Chair of Governors: Mr Steve Hatch
Vice Chair: Mr Scott Edwards
Headteacher: Miss Iris Homer
Staff Governor: Mrs Lucy Bond
Co-Opted Governor: Mr Martin Baker
Co-Opted Governor: Miss Jenna Jenkins
Parent Governor: Ms Jodie Nicholls
Parent Governor: Mrs Hannah Duffy
REAch2 Governor: Mr Mike Dendor

Parent Governors, Co-opted Governors, REAch2 Governors, Staff Governors and the Headteacher.

There is a scheme of delegation which details how the LGB should work.  The LGB holds meetings six times a year (half-termly). Occasionally, our DDoE will also join these meetings. Throughout the academic year, governors monitor the effectiveness of the running of the school. They also ensure that the school meets its statutory requirements. Governors help to support the school to meet its aims and objectives as set out in the school development plan. In their role they challenge leaders and hold them to account.

The LGB also works alongside a cluster board, which also meets six times a year.  Our Chair of Governors, Mr Steve Hatch or our Vice Chair, Mr Scott Edwards, represent Kemsley Primary Academy at the cluster board meetings. Our Deputy Director of Education, Miss Gemma Clark, also attends these meetings.


Kemsley Primary Academy



Term of office Attendance Appointed by Declarations and

Relative in the school





Philip Walton Co-Opted Governor 23 3 21 – 22 3 25 4/6 Governors None Safeguarding
Chair of Governors

Steve Hatch

Vice Chair


Reach 2 Governor


12 7 21 – 11 7 25




Reach 2





Leadership and


Quality of Teaching


Iris Homer Headteacher January 2020  6/6 REAch2 Partner works

in school

Head Teacher
Mike Dendor REAch2 Governor 12 7 21 – 11 7 25  5/6 REAch2 Swale Borough


Kent County Councillor

Pupil Premium

Early Years


Hannah Duffy Parent Governor

Vice Chair


1 11 18 – 31 10 22  6/6 Parents


None Community


Health and Safety


Scott Edwards



Reach 2 Governor


 4 12 21 – 3 12 25 4/6 Reach 2 None Data

Lucy Bond


Staff Governor 28 09 20 – 27 09 24 6/6 Staff None Website  




Martin Baker Reach 2 Governor 1 7 21 – 6 7 25 6/6 Reach 2 None Quality of Teaching








Jodie Nicholls


Parent Governor


1 2 22 – 31 1 26














None of the governors govern in any other educational establishment.


Resignations:  2021-2022

Name Position Termination

of office

Jessica Duffin Reach 2 Governor March 2021
Louise Blunderfield Staff Governor 14 November 2021
Richard Minton Reach 2 Governor 1 March 2022



Kemsley Primary Academy



Appointment Attendance Appointed by Declarations
Steve Hatch Chair of governors

Reach 2 Governor

September 2017 6/6 Reach 2  
Iris Homer Headteacher January 2020 6/6 REAch2  None
Louise Blunderfield Staff Governor


December 2017 5/6 Staff None
Lucy Bond Staff Governor September 2020 5/6 Staff None
Mike Dendor REAch2 Governor September 2017 4/6 REAch2 Swale Borough Councillor
Hannah Duffy Parent Governor

Vice Chair


November 2018 5/6 Parents


Richard Minton REAch2 Governor October 2018 4/6 REAch2  


Scott Edwards Parent Governor


  5/6 Parents None
Philip Walton Co-Opted Governor March 2021 1/3 Governors None

Martin Baker


Reach 2 Governor


July 2021




Reach 2




Resignations: 2020-2021 (None)

Name Position Termination

of office