REAch2 now has over 55 schools and is organised into 10 regions.  Our school is part of Cluster 8.

Schools in the Region:

Kent: Milton Court Academy, Copperfield Academy, Tymberwood Academy

Bexley: Brampton Primary Academy

All of our schools share the same governance structure and you find information about the Trust on the REAch2 website at

As part of the REAch2 Trust, detailed information regarding governance can be found on the REAch2 website:


This page gives details of how the Trust is organised including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today.  You can also find details of who our Trustees are.

Each cluster is led by a ‘Deputy Director of Education’.  At the current time, there is a vacancy for this role in Cluster 8.  Challenge and support is currently provided for Kemsley by Gemma Clark (Headteacher at Brampton Primary Academy)

Our school, like all the schools in the Trust, has a local governing body (LGB).  There is a scheme of delegation which details how the LGB should work.  The LGB hold meetings during the year in which they help to support the school, its leadership and pupils whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they should.

The LGB also works alongside a cluster board.  The cluster board will sit for the first time in January 2020.

Prior to September 2017, the Governing Body at Kemsley worked for the Federation overseeing the work of both Kemsley and Milton Court and acting in a critical friend capacity to ensure that the children of both schools receive the very best education possible.  From September 2017, the Federated Governing Body ceased to be in place due to the restructure of the leadership team resulting in a substantive Head teacher at both Kemsley and Milton Court and no Executive Headteacher.

Our clerk is Mrs T Rose.



Appointment Attendance Appointed by Declarations
Steve Hatch Chair of governors

Reach 2 Governor

September 2017 6/6 Reach 2 Governor at Highsted Grammar
Cathryn Andrews Headteacher September 2017 6/6 REAch2 Governor at Greenfields Primary to Jan 2019
Louise Blunderfield Staff Governor December 2017 6/6 Staff None
Richard Davis Reach 2 Governor December 2017 5/6 Reach 2 Governor at Milton Court Primary Academy
Mike Dendor REAch2 Governor September 2017 4/6 REAch2 Swale Borough Councillor
Jessica Duffin REAch2 Governor October 2018 4/5 REAch2


Hannah Duffy Parent Governor November 2018 5/5 Parents


Richard Minton REAch2 Governor October 2018 5/5 REAch2  


Scott Edwards Vice Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

December 2017 5/6 Parents None
Natalie Searle Staff Governor


September 2017 2/6 Staff None


Name Position Termination

of office

Dean Grace REAch2 Governor December 2017
Lisa Burton Parent Governor October 2018
Sarah Bourne REAch2 Governor December 2018