Our aim is to ensure the whole school community develops an enquiring mind.

Exploration is about….

  • Questioningspace
  • Independence
  • Discovery
  • Investigation
  • Finding new ideas
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Inquisitiveness

Our Exploring learners will…

  • Be curious in all of their learning
  • Believe in their own ideas
  • Become independent thinkers
  • Learn the skills and techniques needed to explore
  • Question, peers, adults and themselves
  • Become enthusiastic about learning
  • Think outside of the box
  • Build on prior learning
  • Challenge the pre-existing and re-invent the new
  • Have the confidence to question

Our explorative teaching will…

    • Set high expectations
    • Have no limits
    • Take risks independently and as a class
    • Model error making
    • Provide a safe and enabling environment
    • Explore limitless resources
    • Allow time for reflection and review
    • Model language for exploration