Year 1 Class

Woodland Wednesday

We were all excited to go to the woodland on Wednesday for literacy. We pretended we were Superworm popping out of the ground and used our senses to say what we could hear, see, smell and feel. Lots of spiderwebs!

Animal Models

In Willow Class today, we spent the day making models of animals using all of our recycling. The children started off by planning which animal they wanted to make, then made it and painted it in their groups.  

Animal hunt

Today we went on an animal hunt to see what animals we could find in the woodlands and on the field. The children marked off each animal they saw in a Tally Chart and then created their own pictograms.

Vowel Bats

As the weather has been so nice, we decided to take our learning outside. We have been learning about which letters are vowels by listening to a very catchy song called ‘Vowel Bats.’ The children wrote the five vowels on whiteboards and placed them around the playground. Every time I called a vowel, the children Continue reading

Lettuce Tasting

For the past couple of moths, Year 1 have been growing a variety of plants and vegetables. This week, we tasted some of the lettuces, I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed them!

Animal Art Day

We had so much fun in Year 1 today, with our Animal Art Day. We started the day off by creating lots of paw prints using paint. The children were very creative at finding different ways to apply the paint: using lollipop sticks, sponges, stamps, templates, fingers, hands and paintbrushes. After that, we made our Continue reading