Year 1 Class

Sports day

On Monday we had our sports day with year 2. Everyone did their best and worked really hard on each activity! It was lovely to see everyone running around the field, balancing tennis balls on a racket and throwing Frisbees. Well done year 1!

Year 1 Palaeontologists

Last Thursday, Willow Class put on our palaeontology hats and excavated some dinosaur teeth from blocks of clay. We identified which dinosaur each tooth came from and then looked for clues as to whether the dinosaur had once been a carnivore or a herbivore.

Dinosaur Mayhem in Year 1!

Last week, Willow Class imagined what might happen if one of our dinosaur eggs hatched during lessons. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the teachers would be the first to be eaten! The children drew story maps to plan their narratives.

Year 1’s trip to Wingham

Year 1 had lots of fun at Wingham Wildlife Park on Friday. We loved the baby chimpanzee, the wolves, otters and meerkats, but the best part of all was the dinosaur park. We let the dinosaurs know we were not afraid by showing our fiercest faces! A big thank you to the adults that made Continue reading

Lots of feelings in Year 1

On Friday we talked about all the different emotions we can feel. We practised showing them and looked at ourselves in mirrors to look for clues about how others might be feeling. Then we played a game trying to guess the emotion our partner was showing us.

Year 1 Express Event

Thank you to everyone able to come to our bread making Express Event today. We certainly couldn’t have undertaken something so ambitious without your help and support. As you can see from this small sample of pictures, there were lots of smiling faces!