Year 3 Class

Bar Graphs

We spent Tuesday in the glorious sunshine! The children used cubes to create bar graphs and answered various questions based on the data. They really enjoyed writing their number sentences on the floor with chalk.

Sentence Opener Hunt

In Literacy today, we looked at using different sentence openers. I wrote a variety of sentence openers on coloured card and hid them around the hall. The children had to hunt for them and decide if their opener was an adverb, a verb, a conjunction or an adjective. They then made some fantastic sentences using Continue reading

Morning Work Fun

Year 3 had so much fun this morning playing a maths game for their early morning work. They were all so enthusiastic and eager to play and didn’t realise how much they were learning and the fantastic maths skills they were using. We will definitely be playing this again soon.

Phonics Hunt

The children went on a Phonics Hunt this afternoon. They found the words hidden around the classroom then had to decide if they were real or alien words. Well done Beech Class, you all did a fab job.

Conjunction Challenge

We had great fun in Beech Class this morning playing a conjunction game. The children played in partners to say sentences using the given conjunctions. They also had to count their scores up as they played. Tomorrow, the children will be putting all their great sentences into writing.