Year N Class

Learning about Earth

We used Google Earth to look at our planets; we used the satellite pictures to find our school. We used the iPads to explore Google Earth for ourselves before creating our school from blocks.  We then took aerial photos to compare the different views.

Cherry class pirates!

Cherry class enjoyed being a pirate for the day, we followed a treasure map around the garden which led us to some pirate booty! We found some gold doubloons and some piratey words, we spent the day making pirate ships, walking the plank and having a few ‘pretend’ sword fights! Ahoy there m’hearties!

Hotdog Sale

Can I just say a big thank you to all who came along and made the Hotdog sale such a success this afternoon. Can I also apologise to those who didn’t manage to get a hotdog or chocolate hearts bag due to us selling out! We will be doing more of these events as it Continue reading