Fun in the sun!

Oak class cooled down in the sunshine this week by having an ice lolly in the garden. As part of our learning project for this term we have been talking about the beach and the sea. We all decided it would be fun to visit the beach this term and have an ice cream on Continue reading

Year 3 Library visit

Some of Year 3 were provided with an opportunity to visit the local librabry to help develop their love of reading. All of the children were extremely well behaved and this was noted by Mrs Pullen and Mrs Melrose, as well as the public- 2 members of the general public (on two separate occasions) commented Continue reading

Vikings visit year 3

What a fantastic way to start term 5, year 3 explored all about the Vikings during today’s memorable moment. Well done to everyone for using your imagination to create some phenomenal Viking costumes.  

Memorable Experience in Year 2

To kick start our topic, Scented Garden, Year 2 spent the afternoon learning what plants need for healthy growth & survival.  We found out all plants need water, light, oxygen, the right temperature & time to grow.  We then planted our own sunflower seed.  We will spend the next six weeks watching how they grow. Continue reading