Today we were paleontologists!

Although rather messy, the children in Year 2 had an amazing time being paleontologists this morning! The children used chisels & hammers to excavate dinosaur teeth. We then matched the teeth to cards to work out which dinosaur they belonged to.

Year 1 Palaeontologists

Last Thursday, Willow Class put on our palaeontology hats and excavated some dinosaur teeth from blocks of clay. We identified which dinosaur each tooth came from and then looked for clues as to whether the dinosaur had once been a carnivore or a herbivore.

Dinosaur Mayhem in Year 1!

Last week, Willow Class imagined what might happen if one of our dinosaur eggs hatched during lessons. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the teachers would be the first to be eaten! The children drew story maps to plan their narratives.

Year 2 Hockey!

Year 2 enjoyed practicing their hockey skills with Mr Driver this week. Well done to all the children for their perseverance and good sportsmanship in P.E this week!

Topic-related vocabulary in Year 2.

Maple Class have been looking at the key features of information texts. We then spent some time identifying & highlighting topic-related vocabulary from non-fiction books. As a class, we generated some really powerful vocabulary which encouraged some amazing discussions.

Road safety year 4

This morning, year 4 had a special visit from David, a road safety teacher. We were taught how to stay safe when walking along the road and we were made aware of what might distract us when walking along a busy road. Remember stay bright, stay safe!

Maths reasoning

Year 4 have been applying their knowledge of multiplication and division to solve the reasoning problems provided. The children started the lesson looking very confused with how to use ‘Napier’s bones’, although towards the end of the lesson the children had a better understanding.