Fire safety

Year 4 were extrembly lucky to have Kim from the the local fire brigade to speak to us about how to stay safe if a fire was to occur. It is important to: stay low to the ground, shout ‘fire, fire’ and feel the door is cool with the back of your hand. It is Continue reading


Dance is our theme for term 3 in PE and the class were set the task of creating and performing a dance to a piece of music. We had some very ‘creative’ routines!

Geography in Year 2

This week in geography, Maple Class have been learning about the United Kingdom; finding out which countries form the U.K. The children have also been looking at the flag for each country & finding out how the flag of the Union Kingdom, the Union Jack, is formed.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

We have had a great first week back, learning all about the human body. We have looked at the digestive system of animals and next week will be carrying out a messy experiment to learn about the human digestive system.