Spelling Bee Competition in Maple Class

On Friday Maple Class took part in a spelling bee competition.  The children worked in groups to spell high frequency works.  The winning team then went head to head with each other.  Well done to Harini for winning the first round and well done to our second round winner, Rosie.  Keep learning your spellings Maple Continue reading


Year 3 had a fantastic day at Wingham, the children were very well behaved and enjoyed the day. We saw many wonderful animals, we even had a gorilla beat on the glass to say hello.    

Science Day in Maple Class

Maple Class had another busy day today.  We spent the day taking part in a range of science activities.  These included looking at the similarities and differences of a species of animal as well as learning about adaptation and camouflage.  We also identified and classified animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Year 6 Challenge Day

Year 6 were the last class to attempt the obstacle course and challenges set! We had an awesome time and there were lots of examples of the children working together to solve some tricky problems.