Football fever

Year 3 have been busy at home producing a factsheet for their ‘team’ in this years World Cup. These have all been displayed in the classroom, as you can see, and we are updating our wall chart every day. Well done to frontrunners Ross, Nancee and Daniel, who have Brazil, Germany and Holland respectively.

Wahoo for Caloo!!

We are all very excited to finally have the eagerly awaited Caloo equipment installed and up and running. The children enjoyed watching the whole process through from beginning to end during their breaks and lunchtimes. A big thank you to Elliot in year 5 who kept the above photo log up to date.

World Cup Draw 2014

On Friday 6th June, during Celebration Assembly all classes were asked to pick at random a Group to support in this years World Cup, being held in Brazil.  The results are as follows…..   Jack selecting Group E (Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras) for Year 6. Emily selecting Group C (Colombia, Greece, Côte D’Ivoire and Continue reading

YEAR 2 – What is that smell?

As our Scented Garden topic draws to a close, we wanted to celebrate the childrens learning. Our express event saw us making Pomanders and Lavender bags. The children wrote instructions to help them remember how to make them so they could help their parents! The classroom smelt delightful, a mixture of cloves, oranges, lavender and Continue reading

Hopi Learning Challenge

Hopi tribe had a great day this week working as a team to achieve their learning challenge badge. Throughout the day the children designed a rcoket and then made it from plastic bottles and card. During the afternoon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda was used to launch the rockets.Unfortunately this didn’t quite go to plan, although Continue reading

Express Event

Year  5 had a busy morning this morning completing their minibeast sculptures. Some amazing creations were made from junk modelling materials. A big thank you to all the parents that braved the paint and came into class to help.