Hunting for treasure…

Oak Class went hunting for treasure this week…. We searched high and low, finding lots of yummy chocolate coins. We had a go at hiding them for our friends to find before drawing treasure maps to help them. At the end of the day we got to take our treasure home to eat!

Alien on the loose!

On Wednesday Maple Class had to investigate an incident in the woodlands – an alien rocket had crashed! We had to gather evidence to write an incident report. We found radioactive slime, ectoplasm, rocket fuel and a siren! We think the alien has camouflage powers and is currently hiding somewhere in the school.  

‘Crash Landing’

Willow Class were greeted back to school with the news that a ‘crash landing’ had taken place in the woodlands… All the children were eager to explore the woodland area in search of evidence that would help them discover what had taken place over the half term break.  Armed with sample bags and protective gloves they ventured Continue reading