Pancake maths!

Oak class explored data handling using pancakes today! We tried 3 different flavoured pancakes and then used a tally chart to record which was our favourite. We then talked about which was the most and least popular flavour. We also learnt how to count in 5’s to count bigger groups more quickly. I think we Continue reading

Tribal Challenge!

Oak class had great fun joining in with our tribal challenge this morning. We completed running relays to score points for our tribe. We cant wait to find out which tribe has won!

Fishy Fun!

Oak class had great fun exploring the features of fish as part of our learning project. First we used information books to find out about the features of fish, then we used real fish to identify the features. Afterwards we used what we had found out to write labels for different parts of the fish.

Art Day in Maple Class

Maple Class enjoyed a day of art yesterday.  We explored the classic method of drawing still life pictures, using pencils,  with the technique of tone and shading.  During the afternoon we learnt about Andy Warhol.  We found out he was a Pop Artist and used a technique called screen printing to create lots of prints Continue reading

E-safety magazine

#Ditto Alan Mackenzie, an e-safety advisor, writes a free downloadable magazine for teachers and parents called #DITTO. The April 2018 edition of #DITTO is out now and covers privacy, skin gambling, online risky behaviour, gaming and the gaming app, Fortnite.

Stars in the Snack Shack!

There was a seriously delicious smell coming from the Snack Shack on Friday!  Mrs Hughes and last week’s ‘Stars’ were in there cooking up cheese scones.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by on the way home to buy some of the scones. Well done Stars for such wonderful baking!  We are looking forward to Continue reading

Outdoor learning!

Oak class enjoyed a morning exploring the outdoor environment with some of our families. Different woodland activities were set up in some of our new pods and the children had great fun exploring.

Gymnastics in Oak class!

This week in PE Oak class have taken part in a gymnastics session. We have been learning how to hold our bodies in different shapes and how to move around the hall in different ways as well as practising our rolling and balancing skills.

Changes in the garden!

There has been lots of excitement in Oak class as some changes have been happening in our garden. The old play house has gone and Mr Wrigley has been very busy building something out of wood. There has been lots of guessing what it might be! We look forward to seeing it finished very soon.