Sleeping under the stars!

Year 2 celebrated the end of KS1 with a BBQ, games, toasting marshmallows on an open campfire & by sleeping under the stars last night.  They made memories that will never be forgotten and what an amazing experience they all had!

What is Love?

Today, during our R.E. morning, Maple Class discussed what it means to love and to be loved.  We also thought about what the word ‘belonging’ means.  After discussions we drew what love looks like.

Year 5 Outdoor Learning

Year 5 combined nature and maths this afternoon when carrying out some investigations outside on the field and in the woodlands. They proved harder than the children first thought- especially trying to find a right angle in nature!

Fun on the field!

Oak class had fun on the field this afternoon when Mr Summerfield and one of the year 6 pupils came to visit us. We played games that helped us practise throwing and catching and also counting! Thank you Mr Summerfield and Madi!

Animal hunt

Today we went on an animal hunt to see what animals we could find in the woodlands and on the field. The children marked off each animal they saw in a Tally Chart and then created their own pictograms.