Such a generous gift!

The Eco Council were amazed when we found out that Mr Kmietowicz had nominated us for a community project within Waitrose in Aylesford. We are developing the courtyard outside Nursery into a community garden and Mr Kmietowicz thought it a lovely idea to help us raise some funds for the area. The Eco Council shared some of Continue reading

Art Gallery visit.

Today we visited the Art Gallery in the hall, we looked at all the different pieces of art created by the children in the whole school!We thought the Art was brilliant and we also were very excited when we saw our own piece of work!

Learning about Earth

We used Google Earth to look at our planets; we used the satellite pictures to find our school. We used the iPads to explore Google Earth for ourselves before creating our school from blocks.  We then took aerial photos to compare the different views.

Cherry class pirates!

Cherry class enjoyed being a pirate for the day, we followed a treasure map around the garden which led us to some pirate booty! We found some gold doubloons and some piratey words, we spent the day making pirate ships, walking the plank and having a few ‘pretend’ sword fights! Ahoy there m’hearties!