Character Description by Carys!

Maple Class were given the task of writing a Character Description about the alien they had created.  Well done to Carys, who produced this outstanding piece of writing.  Not only does it contain a wide range of powerful adjectives & similes but it is also beautifully presented.

Galaxy Slime!

On the first day back of term Willow Class got their hands messy comparing the properties of ‘non-Newtonian’ substances… It was very fitting that this was the start of our topic ‘Moon Zoom’ as the second type of slime we looked at was named ‘Galaxy Slime’, which one member of Willow Class pointed out looked Continue reading

Pumpkin soup!

This week in Oak class we read the book “Pumpkin soup” a lovely story of friendship. Later during child initiated learning we explored our own recipes. Using tools to cut, mash, mix and grind the herbs and the pumpkin. We also showed our own friendship skills by sharing, taking turns and helping each other. Later Continue reading