Year 1 Palaeontologists

Last Thursday, Willow Class put on our palaeontology hats and excavated some dinosaur teeth from blocks of clay. We identified which dinosaur each tooth came from and then looked for clues as to whether the dinosaur had once been a carnivore or a herbivore.

Harini awarded Oscar!

This afternoon Harini was presented with a certificate for her excellence in Presentation. As a reward Oscar, our Presentation teddy, will spend the week on Harini’s desk. Each week a child from each year group will be nominated for their excellent presentation. Out of those nominated, one winner will be chosen.

What is Saliva?

Year 4 conducted an experiment this afternoon trying to understand the significance of saliva. Four children chewed four pieces of cracker for a different period of time. Then we left them for thirty minutes until finally adding iodine to see how the colour, smell and texture would change.