Whole School

May Day Maths – Feedback

Thank you so much to the parents and carers that gave feedback following the May Day Maths sessions last week.  We highly value all feedback – both positive and constructive.  Some highlights from the feedback are shown below.  We are really pleased that so many of those that attended were keen to attend similar events Continue reading

May Day Maths!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our May Day Maths events!  The afternoon started with a presentation in the hall where we shared our new progress grids and ladders with parents and spoke about how we are approaching the whole maths curriculum within the school.  The parents then went in to different classrooms to Continue reading

Celebrating success!

On Friday 19th April, we reintroduced the weekly celebration assembly.  All entries in the ‘Praise and Thank you’ book were read out and children congratulated on their achievements.  In addition, we have started to have a weekly ‘star of the week’ in each class to recognise a child that has achieved above and beyond expectations.  Continue reading

Culture Week Newspaper

As part of our celebration of Culture Week, we decided to make a school newspaper.  All the classes were asked to submit a short piece of writing giving information about the work that they carried out.  Teachers were asked to select some photographs to add to the newspaper. All of the entries were collated and Continue reading