Year 2

Christmas Party

We have had a fantastic day today! In the morning, we made elves and then had a yummy Christmas dinner. In the afternoon, we played lots of party games.

Urban Landscapes

We have been looking at the urban landscape of London as part of our geography learning. This week, we created own city landscapes, based on the work of Claude Monet, using oil pastels.


This week year 2 have been learning how to find fractions of amounts. We worked really hard to share fruit between different animals at the zoo.

Castle Reports

This week year 2 wrote some fantastic non-chronological reports about castles. They worked really hard to apply all the skills they have learnt over the past two weeks, including how to use the past tense. I have attached some pictures of their amazing writing.  

Garden of Positivity

This week Maple Class started to create our ‘garden of positivity’ display. Children were given a class list and had to record kind words or positive phrases to describe each member of the class. These words were then written onto the petals of each flower.

Today we were paleontologists!

Although rather messy, the children in Year 2 had an amazing time being paleontologists this morning! The children used chisels & hammers to excavate dinosaur teeth. We then matched the teeth to cards to work out which dinosaur they belonged to.

Year 2 Hockey!

Year 2 enjoyed practicing their hockey skills with Mr Driver this week. Well done to all the children for their perseverance and good sportsmanship in P.E this week!

Topic-related vocabulary in Year 2.

Maple Class have been looking at the key features of information texts. We then spent some time identifying & highlighting topic-related vocabulary from non-fiction books. As a class, we generated some really powerful vocabulary which encouraged some amazing discussions.