Year 2

Dinosaur challenge

To introduce our new topic Dinosaur Planet Maple Class took part in a dinosaur challenge. First, we gathered clues then we had to predict which dinosaur the clues were describing. These are some of the facts we found out: A T-Rex’s foot was 1m long. A Brachiosaurs ate leaves.   A Pterodactyl laid its eggs Continue reading

Erica the elf

On Friday Maple Class discovered Erica the elf! She had written us a note which explained that as there was only two weeks until Christmas, Santa had asked her to visit Maple Class to see if the children were behaving and working hard. She had also very kindly put up the paper chains we had Continue reading


Today Year 1 and 2 visited an astrodome in the school hall! The astrodome was a large, black tent. Inside the wonders of the solar system were projected onto the ceiling. A shooting star. We learnt about the first Moon landing made by Neil Armstrong. An asteroid belt. A black hole.  

Martial Arts

Year 2 have just finished their 10 weeks of Martial Arts training! A special well done to Laruen, Megan and Mason for achieving certificates for their hard work and improvement.

Dragons’ Den

On Friday Maple Class worked in teams to create a sales pitch for their space buggy. We then presented our ideas in our own version of Dragons’ Den. The designs were fantastic and had many special features including rainbow power, comfy beds and star wallpaper!