Year 2

Alien crashes in our woodland area!

  Maple Class came into class today to discover an alien had crashed his rocket in our woodland area.  Through the night, he had managed to made his way into our classroom and left a letter asking us to help him get home.  He asked us to send a light signal to his home Planet…

Maple Class learn about E-Safety

Maple Class spent the afternoon understanding the importance of keeping safe online.  We read through a PowerPoint that explained what is safe & unsafe online and discussed what to do if we were worried about something online.  We then completed an E-Safety quiz before designing our own E-Safety poster.

Maple Class step into space…

This afternoon the children in Year 2 & Year 1 were lucky enough to be visited by the Astronomy Roadshow.  The children were introduced to space & our Solar System before stepping inside the dome.  Once inside, they experienced what it would be like in space.  They were taught about shooting stars, planets & the Continue reading