Year 2

Well done to all the children in Maple Class who attended the Infant Games at Greenfields on Wednesday.  All the children were lucky enough to run the daily mile with Courtney Tulloch, the British Commonwealth Games Champion in gymnastics.  A special well done to Corey & Violet for winning medals for their team spirit and Continue reading

Narratives in Year 2.

Year 2 were given a picture of a stone cottage in an enchanted wood along with a picture of a whispering wizard.  The children were given the task of writing an opening for their narrative.  Their opening had to focus on what the wizard was whispering to them and had to be ten words long; Continue reading

Woodland Crowns

Year 2 had great fun collecting woodland treasures this week.  They brought their woodland treasures back to the classroom and stuck them on strips of cardboard to make woodland crowns.

Where do snails like to live?

In science this morning we investigated where snails like to live.  We collected snails, placed them in the school grounds then observed where they travelled to.  We found that the majority of the snails preferred to live in the shaded long grass.