Year 2

What is a paleontologist?

Maple Class reasearched the role of a paleontologist.  We found out that a paleontologist is a scientist that studies the remains of ancient living things, such as dinosaurs, in remains called fossils.  In groups we drew our own paleontologist and then drew and labelled our paleontologist with the equipment they used when searching for fossils! 

‘Dino Dig’ in Maple Class

Year 2 had great fun kick starting their topic ‘Dinosaur Planet’ this morning when they took on the role of a palaeontologist.  The children searched for dinosaur bones in sand then used their dinosaur identification sheet to help them piece the bones together to work out which dinosaur was hidden.

Dinosaur Planet!

The children in Maple Class are looking forward to their Term 2 topic, Dinosaur Planet!  With book covers decorated & our display up & ready (thanks to Mrs Woolley) we are set to go!  Mrs Woolley & I can’t wait to start decorating our display board with the children’s amazing work & home learning projects.

Dinosaur Planet

Maple Class had lots of fun this afternoon getting messy!  We dipped our fingertips in paint then used our paint covered fingertips to fill a dinosaur template.  These creations will be used to decorate our Term 2 curriculum books for our new topic ‘Dinosaur Planet’.