Year 2

Our sunflowers are growing…

After plenty of water & sunshine our sunflowers are growing extremely fast, so fast we have had to take them home to be planted in the ground!  Mrs Woolley & I look forward to seeing pictures of all your giant sunflowers once they are fully grown.

Poetry in Maple Class

By Harini By Lilia   By Lexie By Morgan   During our literacy lesson on Tuesday we listened to the rhyming poem ‘Kitchen Disco’.  We then wrote our own rhyming verses for the poem. Mrs Bond & Mrs Woolley were really impressed with our poetry writing.

Art Day in Maple Class

Maple Class enjoyed a day of art yesterday.  We explored the classic method of drawing still life pictures, using pencils,  with the technique of tone and shading.  During the afternoon we learnt about Andy Warhol.  We found out he was a Pop Artist and used a technique called screen printing to create lots of prints Continue reading