Year 2

Halloween horror

Maple class had a spooky fun Halloween day filled with lost of different activities. After greeting the spooky and scary children of Maple class into school, it was time to look at each individual child and see the amount of effort they had put into their costume and let them explain why they had chosen Continue reading

Express event

What a brilliant way to end a fantastic term. Thank you to those parents who helped to make our express event successful! The children and parents had to try and make a bridge using only newspaper and sellotape. The bridge had to hold the weight of 500 grams. All of the parents and children had Continue reading

Numeracy in Maple class

This week Maple class have been working very hard to develop an understanding of multiplication and division. We have been working together to try and solve different questions about this topic. It has been a very tricky week but we are starting to understand that multiplication is the same as ‘groups of’ and division is Continue reading

YEAR 2 – What is that smell?

As our Scented Garden topic draws to a close, we wanted to celebrate the childrens learning. Our express event saw us making Pomanders and Lavender bags. The children wrote instructions to help them remember how to make them so they could help their parents! The classroom smelt delightful, a mixture of cloves, oranges, lavender and Continue reading