Year 2

KS1 Topic Day

Year 1 & 2 had great fun taking part in a carousel of activities this morning.  All the children had the opportunity of making a musical shaker, a headdress, a Brazilian flag & a collage of an animal from the Amazon Rainforest.

Identifying flags & capital cities.

Maple Class had great fun identifying European flags this afternoon.  All the children were engaged in their learning & very quickly became competitive; trying to be the first to identify all the flags. Once completed some of the children researched the capital city of each country.

Thank you to Leia’s Dad!

Maple Class were lucky enough to look at a signed photo of the famous Brazilian football player, Pele.  After finding out Year 2 have been learning about Pele, Leia’s Dad kindly bought in his signed photo to support the children’s learning.