Year 3

Morning Work

Beech Class have loved doing their morning work with whiteboard pen she this week. The children have created a list of things that make them happy, practiced their handwriting and completed their Number of the Day.

World Book Day 2020

We all looked fab dressed as our favourite book character yesterday. We had great fun acting out stories! In the afternoon we had year 3 join us to read stories to us. It was a super day! Well done everyone!

Literacy in Year 3

This week we have been looking at creating powerful vocabulary for our diary entries. We have been amazed at the excellent vocabulary produced and how the children are using it in their writing. Keep up the great work Year 3 😃

Year 3 Food Tasting

This week in year 3, we tasted a different variety of foods. We looked at the texture, taste and smell of each food. Overall, the most liked food was the biscuits and the least liked was the tomatoes.

Phonics in Year 3

Some children in Beech Class had great fun practising their Phonics. They had to identify the different phonemes on stickers, then match them to the corresponding one on the coloured paper. They then went on to write some great words and sentences using these graphemes.

Pens Only in Year 3

Today we had a Pens Only day to make the children aware of the amount of energy we use within the classroom. We didn’t use the Interactive Whiteboard, laptop or iPads all day and made sure the lights were off when possible. Here is some of the fun we got up to in handwriting using Continue reading

Handwriting in Year 3

We have been having some fun with handwriting this week. We have been focussing on forming the letters a, o and c correctly. We started by warming up our fingers with some fine motor skills – threading beads on to pipe cleaners. Then we created the shape of the letter with counters and traced the Continue reading

Beans, beans…

This week we conducted an experiment to see if beans really do make you gassy! We put bagels and water in two different bowls, then added beans to one bowl. We covered the bowls in cling film and placed them by the window to keep them warm. We will observe what happen in the next Continue reading