Year 3

Clay models

Year 3 made some clay sculptures based on Greek God’s and Godesses. To be begin with the children were given time to explore the clay; what it felt like, how it cold be manipulated into different shapes and how it would help them to sculpt a God. The children approached the activity with enthusiasm and Continue reading

Daily Mile

Year 3 completed their first daily mile today! Some of us enjoyed a fast walk whereas others challenged themselves to run. The children were enthusiastic about the mile and enjoyed being able to approached the challenged at their own pace! c      

Black History day

  Today we were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn the importance of Black History month. We had some special visitors who taught us about lots of different things from hair braiding to signficant people who changed the view of the world. The children were extremely well behaved and enjoyed the day. They Continue reading

Mini mudder – year 3

We all had a fantastic afternoon at mini mudder! We all had a wonderful afternoon in the mud. Well done to everyone who participated, you completed the course multiple times!                Well done again! I hope parents did not struggle too much to get the mud out of children’s clothes!

Egg-ellent Fun!

The children in year 3 were given a challenge: they had to protect their egg from a 12 foot fall. They were given lots of materials to create the most efficient egg protector. Sadly, all of the eggs broke…

Roman Banquet

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful time with their parents at our Roman Banquet last week. We had some delicious (and some not so delicious) foods, such as Feta cheese, olives, dates, bread, carrots, grapes and blackcurrant posing as red wine! The children also showed off their skills in the gladiator trials.     Continue reading

Sporting Fun!

Year 3 worked with the children in Cherry Class to play some sporting games, all with maths theme. The children had to add up totals, keep a tally of scores, measure distances, sort objects and much more. What fun we all had!

Fun with Year3!

We has great fun with Year 3 last week when we took part in a shared maths event. The children in Year 3 organised and ran some exciting games on the field which helped us to practise and put into practise our maths skills. Year 3 were fantastic at explaining the games and helping and encouraging us. Continue reading