Year 3

Living land show

On Thursday year 3 enjoyed a trip to the “Living land” show at the county showground, Detling. We took part in a range of activities including the opportunity to make bread and butter, taste sausages, honey and apples and “milk a cow” in the “Taste and touch” session. We also watched a sheep and a Continue reading

West End Wonder.

As one of our 11B411 promises, Year 3 enjoyed a trip to the West End today.  The children all had a fantastic day watching a performance of ‘Wicked’. Well done to all the children for their sensible behaviour.

Perfect way to say good luck

I cannot express how grateful and overwhelmed I was this afternoon when I arrived in school to my surprise baby shower! A huge thank you from myself and the baby for treating us to a wonderful afternoon full of games and laughter. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute towards the gifts, food, games and Continue reading

Express event

Year 3 had a wonderful morning creating their very own stories through cave paintings. The children worked in groups to tell a story of their choice, although our theme was based on the Stone Age, Year 3 put a modern twist on the traditional paints by using colourful chalk and pastels.

Tribal event

Year 3 completed the tribal event this morning by trying their best to complete as many press ups as possible in 30 seconds, they all did an incredible job. Let hope Hopi will win 😛


Look at the progress we have made since the start of the term. Year 3 are currently being challenged even harder in PE due to their increible attitude, behaviour, listen skills and ability to apply what they have been taught.

Gymnastics competition

Some of Year 3 participated in a gymnastics competition today and did a wonderful job of representing the school. The children were extremely brave, talented and polite during their competition. One of our groups came third in the competition, a huge well done to all of the children and a massive thank you to those Continue reading

Cave paintings

Year 3 had a fun afternoon learning about cave paintings. The children started the afternoon by looking at various examples of cave paintings and discussed the different stories that were being told through the paintings. The children then created their own using various materials.


Year 3 spent the afternoon completing the role of an archaeologist by excavating some items from the Stone Age. The children had a wonderful afternoon applying the skills they had learnt about archaeologists and found many different artefacts.