Year 3

Year 3 Christmas party

Firstly Year 3 would like to say a massive thank you for everyone who helped to make our Christmas party even better by providing food, presents, drinks etc, so thank you to everyone for your generosity. Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon at their Christmas party, we played lots of games and ate as much Continue reading

Year 3 express event

Year 3 had a wonderful morning making our Christmas key rings for the Christmas fair next week. The children were listening to Christmas songs and singing along. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.

Tilly the elf

Year 3 had a good luck note from a very special visitor to Year 3 today, Tilly the elf. The children were all shocked and excited to see the elf, who had stuck herself to the classroom window  alongside a note wishing all of the children the best of luck with their performance today.

Measuring sound

Year 3 conducted a science experiment this afternoon based on measuring the volume of sound. 6 children were required to listen to a song and move in a straight line until they could no longer hear the music. The children had to make sure we conducted a fair test, therefore some of the variables were kept Continue reading

Making sounds with our voice

Year 3 had a very fun and engaging afternoon learning how to warm up their voices before singing. The children learnt about making sure their body is not tight but relaxed and ready to sing. The children applied their knowledge to sing some songs.

Clever hands club!

Clever hands club joined in with lots of activities to develop their fine motor control for writing. From miniature skittles and balancing chairs to shape tracing threading and transient art. Even our snack of blueberries practised a pincer movement!

PE in year 3

Year 3 have been practising how to throw and catch using a tennis ball. The children found throwing underarm a lot more difficult than throwing over arm. We will be continuing to develop these skills on Wednesday.