Year 3

3D shapes in the school environment

In today’s maths lesson Year 3 explored the school environment trying to find various 3D shapes. The children enjoyed being able to apply what they already know about the shapes to help them identify the different shapes on the playground, field, adventure village and woodlands.  

Madame Tussauds

What a day!! Year 3 had an incredible time on our school trip today. The children saw some very realistic and brilliant mannekins and also enjoyed a taxi trip tour of London as well as watching a 4D Avengers film. A massive well done to all of the children for their unbelievable behaviour.

Flip books

Year 3 have been designing and creating flip books for younger children. The children loved trying to show the picture moving through motion pictures.   IMG_8242 IMG_8241

Work we are proud of- Year 3

Year 3 have identified work they are currently proud of from their maths or topic books. The children have explained why they are proud and it is wonderful to read some of the comments. The adults in Year 3 are proud of every single one of you and think you are all working extremely hard.


Year 3 had a wonderful time trying to investigate how many books it would take to break the 4 eggshells provided . The children worked in groups and carried out their plans and all of the groups ideas worked !  Towards the end of the lesson we found out that it would 5 books to Continue reading

First day in Year Three

Year three made a wonderful start to the term today, the children were extremely well behaved and are already starting to learn the rules and routines. Below are two pictures from the children’s first day in Year three