Year 3

Ultimate frisbee in Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about how to play ultimate frisbee. The children started the lesson by ‘getting use’ to the frisbee, the children threw it up in the air and caught it and bounced the frisbee off their knees. The children then developed their knowledge by learning about the three different throws and 2 Continue reading

Year 3 are growing tomatoes!

As part of our eco councillors challenge we have been asked to grow tomatoes. Year 3 are currently keeping a close eye on how our tomatoes are growing each day. We have been providing them with a drink of water everyday and they are slowing starting to grow.  

Facts about the Vikings

Year 3 conducted a History morning to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the Vikings. The children were spilt into groups and were all provided with a focus for the morning, e.g Viking clothing. The children used the iPads to research their focus and generated ideas to help them with their presentation to the Continue reading

Year 3 Library visit

Some of Year 3 were provided with an opportunity to visit the local librabry to help develop their love of reading. All of the children were extremely well behaved and this was noted by Mrs Pullen and Mrs Melrose, as well as the public- 2 members of the general public (on two separate occasions) commented Continue reading

Vikings visit year 3

What a fantastic way to start term 5, year 3 explored all about the Vikings during today’s memorable moment. Well done to everyone for using your imagination to create some phenomenal Viking costumes.  

Mad hair day

Well done to everyone who tried something different with their hair this morning and a massive well done to parents and carers for being creative and achieving some brilliant hair styles.