Year 3

Body percussion morning

Year 3 were treated to a fanastic morning of learning how to use their body to create music; the children were good at following instructions and creating their own sounds using different parts of their body.  

Hand puppets

Year 3 are currently developing their hand puppet design through the ‘making stage of our process’. The children have been extremely resilient and positive throughout the afternoon, when trying to sew two piece sets of felt together.

Cruella Deville

Year 3 and 4 had a visit from one of the most famous villains…. Cruella Deville. We asked her many questions and tried to get better a understanding of why she is so mean, stay clear of her and be sure to keep your puppies safe!

World book day

Year 3 enjoyed completing different activities today based on the story, ‘Where the wilds things are’. The children started the day by acting out the story and completed a book review, they also wrote a diary entry prentending to be Max from the story. All of the children enjoyed the different tasks and were well Continue reading

Natural History Museum

Year 3 had a wonderful day on Friday exploring the Natural History Museum; all of the children were extremely well behaved and enjoyed the day, especially lunchtime! The children found getting the tube one of the most exciting parts of the trip, due to the lack of seats the children had to stand up, which Continue reading

Dog trust – year 3

Year 3 had an opportunity to develop a good understanding of how to be safe around dogs. The children were given different scenarios where they had to decide how to ‘tackle’ and manage them in the best way possible. All of the children were extremely well behaved and loved Paddy!!

Year 3 Squash Festival

On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Andrews and I took 6 children to Rodmersham Squash club for a taster squash session! The children were taught how to hold the racket, hit the ball and played a number of fun, squash based games! Below are some photos of our trip out!