Year 4

Road safety year 4

This morning, year 4 had a special visit from David, a road safety teacher. We were taught how to stay safe when walking along the road and we were made aware of what might distract us when walking along a busy road. Remember stay bright, stay safe!

Maths reasoning

Year 4 have been applying their knowledge of multiplication and division to solve the reasoning problems provided. The children started the lesson looking very confused with how to use ‘Napier’s bones’, although towards the end of the lesson the children had a better understanding.

World book day

We created a word bank based on how Sunny was feeling throughout his journey and then the children wrote a diary entry from Sunny’s propesctive. Year 4 wrote a diary entry pretending to be the main character from our text for the day, Meerkat Mail.

Classification keys

In Science yesterday afternoon, year 4 created a classification key based on food. To start the lesson, the children had to describe a piece of food from the bag on their table. Afterwards, the children used their prior knowledge of healthy eating and the food pyramid to categories the different types of food they found Continue reading

Year 4 Express Event

Year 4 had a lovely morning during our express event on Tuesday. We found words associated with the human body on a word search, played snap and completed our own human body posters. Thank you to everyone who came along to show your support. It was wonderful to see so many of you join us.

Building Challenge

Ash Class were lucky enough to be involved in a building challenge workshop this morning, run by representatives from the company Engie. Our class was organised into six groups; each group had to decide who would take which role from the building industry. They then had to design, budget and buy building blocks to build Continue reading

Year 4 Home Learning

Well done Ash Class for your fabulous home learning that you completed last week. The artistic talent on display was very impressive; thank you to all the parents who helped create the masterpieces. The prehistoric drawings and written work was also fantastic. The facts and information that the children gathered about the different ages was Continue reading