Year 4


What a fantastic week we had last week in Ash Class; we went totally Science crazy with all of our teeth related experiments. Here the children are testing how liquids affect our teeth. An egg shell was placed into vinegar, water, lemon juice, coke and milk overnight. When we looked at them in the morning, Continue reading

Walk a Mile

Today we completed our first Mile Walk. The day started off very chilly, but after our walk we were all nicely warmed up. The children had a lot of fun and are starting to get very competitive. We are looking forward to our walk/run tomorrow.


What a great time we all had on Wednesday. After a frantic walk to the train station, we arrived with ten minutes to spare. The children were all very excited because the rear coach of the train was reserved especially for us! Once on the train, the children were fantastically behaved, they listened to the Continue reading