Year 4


This term our topic is Scrumdiddlyumptious, where we will be investigating different types of food; in particular where they originate from, how they are made and how they affect our bodies. We have already designed and made our own bread. Although the classroom became very messy the results were fantastic. We produced an amazing range Continue reading


Year 4’s topic this term is ‘Tremors’. On the first day back after half term Ash Class was hit by an earthquake! The children worked in teams to complete a series of tasks. One of their team members was injured so they had to bandage their wound to stop the bleeding. Next they had to Continue reading

Ash Class’ Potions

This term in Ash Class we have been exploring the world of potions. We have been identifying ingredients by sight and smell, and learning how to classify them as solids, liquids or gases. We have also been looking at the shape and function of different containers and have created our own potion bottles out of Continue reading

Enterprise Fun

Ash class worked extremely hard on a variety of products for the enterprise fayre. It was great fun and we learned lots as we worked. Thank you for all your support on the day and on the Big Question exhibition