Year 4


What a great time we all had on Wednesday. After a frantic walk to the train station, we arrived with ten minutes to spare. The children were all very excited because the rear coach of the train was reserved especially for us! Once on the train, the children were fantastically behaved, they listened to the Continue reading

Heroes and Villains Express Event

Thank you to everyone who attended Year 4’s express event. We spent an afternoon creating amazing models of superheroes using junk materials. Ross working on his fantastic model. Nancy and her sister working together to create a glittery hero. Alfie and his mum creating their model out of a cereal box. Working together!    

Cruella De Vil

The children in year three and four had the shock of their lives when Cruella De Vil showed up in Beech Class!! The children were able to ask her questions and quiz her on her villainous ways. Look out for the work we will produce based on Cruella’s visit.